Whitewash/STILLblack (Art Work Spotlight)

By Althea Miller
Spurred by a surreal identification with the experiences of the participants in a study conducted by Rachelle Winkle-­‐Wagner, the findings of which are described in Unchosen Me Race, Gender, and Identity among Black Women in College, STILLblack speaks to the triumph and trauma that was my undergraduate experience at the University of Wisconsin-­‐Madison from August 2007 – May 2012. Between the onslaught of hateful messages spewed at me by White peers, nonchalant professors, conservative think tanks denying my place at this institution, and a myriad of other horrors caused or compounded by my Blackness and the other identities intersecting it – I further grounded myself in my roots, despite various purgative efforts by others, or even myself. STILLblack depicts the gradation of identity from acting white, to total and unabashed Negritude, with a deliberate (albeit subtle) reference to minstrelsy – a message to the University that I will not allow myself to be pandered as the fruition of a diversity plan, nor am I a quota.
I am a voice.
And I will be heard.

By Althea Miller

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