8 Rap Collabs we MUST SEE in 2016

8 Rap Collaborations we MUST SEE in 2016

Sean Avery

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1. Mick Sweatshirt

I mean come on, how long have we been waiting! We’ve had two surefire signs that this COULD be in the works/ already have happened/ very likely will happen. First, Mick’s bars in Hurt Everybody’s “Social Network”, “Shit the future is somethin’ like Earl-n-em” and also, the following tweet. A collab between the two lyricist heavyweights would, in less words, kick ass. It would be something like “The What” by Biggie and Method Man.

Mick Jenkins soundcloud

Earl Sweatshirt youtube


2. Young Chancellor

After I heard Chance’s collab with fellow Chicago artist Lucki X, “Stevie Wonder”, I was reminded of Chance’s versatility. I didn’t really believe Chance could make his brand work with a brand like that of Lucki’s, but the song was pretty good. Then I heard Quavo on “Familiar” and my imagination soared… and lastly, I heard the Jamie XX and Young Thug song, “There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” and I thought, why have Thugger and Chancellor NOT done a track together? I totally hear something in-between “Best Friend” and “Favorite Song”, both of their vocal styles are flexible enough that they could make any hook distinct and memorable.

Chance the Rapper soundcloud

Young Thug soundcloud


3. Skepta West

Ye’ lives out in Paris now, and we can hear UK rappers influence on his music in “FACTS”. Before Europe, Ye’ never gave a fuck about Street Fighter, now he’s using Street Fighter sound bites like UK radio host Charlie Sloth. With that being said, I foresee some UK artists on SWISH, and the biggest name in the UK right now is Skepta. Ya heard him? Check out “It Ain’t Safe” and “Shutdown”. I’m still getting into him myself, but I love what I’ve heard so far. Check him out! Imagine Skepta rapping on “On Site”. Tell me that shit wouldn’t go.

Skepta soundcloud

Kanye West youtube


4. Kodak Keef

Yo so when I first heard “SKRT” I fell in love. I knew Kodak would be tight, and I still believe that. Keef has been in the dumps lately, or so it seems, I haven’t liked any of his recent stuff since Bang 3 (which arguably, I also didn’t like, except for Faneto); but I could see this duo undeniably, the real question is whether or not Kodak and Keef could get along. Judging by their interviews, they’re both pretty shy dudes!

Kodak soundcloud

Chief Keef soundcloud  


5. Raury Cudder

Alright, so this one is pretty obvious, as Cudi has publicly endorsed Raury. This could be one of the most genre-bending songs in Hip-Hop history. It would especially work because Cudi is experimenting with acoustic music; Cudi and Raury could hit the Black folk music market like a speedin’ bullet (yes I went there), but seriously, how epic would this be? Akin to Cudi featuring on “Welcome to Heartbreak” minus the sign to a major, or “Between Enemies” with Earl and Viktor (Doom). Cudder and Raury are inexplicably connected, sharing the same lineage; I mean, Raury is cool because Cudi become cool.  

Raury soundcloud

Kid Cudi soundcloud


6. SZA Badu

I am patiently waiting on a new SZA project, and I’m in no rush to hear what the talented singer-songwriter will do next. I am however, itching for her to do collabs; specifically with Neo-Soul artists. One in particular is the Q.U.E.E.N. herself, Badu! Although I wasn’t a huge fan of But You Caint Use My Phone, I was pretty enthralled but her reinventions of “White Iverson” and “Hello It’s Me”. I don’t think her and SZA would do something based off an existing song, because I believe both have a drive to be creative and would wanna oneup each other in the studio. This could be a collaboration for the books!

SZA soundcloud

Erykah Badu youtube


7. Abra Abstract

I’ve just recently gotten into Kevin Abstract, and I’m not even completely sold on him, but without a doubt his sound is perfect for that of Awful Records darkwave duchess, Abra. Their affinity for acoustic jams that can easily be converted into airy, drum-driven space-songs makes me think that the two must be slippin’ because they haven’t ALREADY worked together. Let Father produce the track too, then we got a soundcloud classic.

Abra soundcloud

Kevin Abstract soundcloud


8. Kari Kingdom

For my last collab, I’ma throw a curveball: Kari Faux and Allan Kingdom. Can you hear it? Think, “No Small Talk” but with the “All Day” Allan Kingdom doin’ adlibs and harmonies. Fuckin’ lit right? To be honest I would be the most excited about this one, just because it would be so leftfield, yet makes so much sense. I think Kari Faux carries a lot of the energy that Allen tries to capture, and in that way the two would compliment each other. I really hope that they at least fuck with each other, and have a chance to get in the studio together. Think, Outta Pocket ft. Kari Faux.

Kari Faux soundcloud

Allan Kingdom soundcloud





Outside of being a contributing writer for the Black Voice, Sean Avery is a poet and rapper. His work has been featured on Buzzfeed and Blavity, and published in Wisconsin People & Ideas as well as Illumination, the Undergraduate Journal of Humanities. He is an English Creative Writing major at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and his work embraces both his imagination and his journey towards defining his own Black masculinity. 

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