“Welcome Black” BBQ

Last month, Pathways, WBSU & The Black Voice hosted UW Madison’s “Welcome Black” BBQ. From the food to the Electric Slide to spades, Black Badgers had an old school family reunion to celebrate another year and to welcome in the new students. Here’s some keys to success to all of the baby Black Badgers out there surviving their first midterm season!

Filmed and Produced by Marquise Mays & Nia Scott.
Edited by Nia Scott

Special Thanks to Pathways & The Wisconsin Black Student Union!

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marquise Mays, is a graduate student at the University of Southern California studying Cinema and Media Studies. His interests include visual culture, the performance of Blackness, audience reception and television. His passion lies in producing research, visual art and multimedia that critically assesses the presentation of Blackness on television. Through this he would like to connect the practice of storytelling to theoretical frameworks, like Critical Race Theory, to ultimately introduce Black men with the agency to discover themselves through television production processes.

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