The Tale of My Never-ending Journey to Pescatarianism Part. 1

by Kynala Phillips

Last January, while I was home from school, my mother pulled me aside and told me she was prepared to make a change in her life. Her church had recently started a fast. The rules for the fast were to avoid red meat for a month. My mother, mistakenly, came home and told me the church started a fast that wouldn’t allow her to eat pork or red meat. She also told me that the only way she could successfully complete the fast, is if I started it with her. After a month of no pork and red meat, I felt pretty good about the recent change, so, I asked her if she would continue on with our new diet with me. Luckily, she said yes.

It was an easy transition away from pork and red meat. There are so many options that you can still choose from. I have only had a few slip ups. My first time messing up was while I was in Brazil. It was my birthday, I felt I could do no wrong. Other times have been when people cook goat or lamb, which are like the holy grail of red meat. I feel like I am disrupting peace every time I pass up those two options.

Since, I’ve started this journey, my end goal has become to be a Pescatarian (which is a lifestyle choice that excludes all meat with the exception of fish and seafood). I have always wanted to become a Pescatarian, but I never had the discipline to maintain the correct diet. As I slowly start to reach my anniversary of no pork and red meat, I am very proud of the persistence that I have shown and I think I am ready to finally make that step towards no poultry. I figured if I start a blog series that highlights and records this journey towards this new diet, I will be more in tune with why I am making this step and can see how this transition is effected me, holistically.


So, I have concocted a list of things that I will do to help me carry out this goal:

1. Call my mom and ask her to join me (she will be very hesitant, but I will insist).

2. Invest in meatless chicken and sausage (I recently had an experience with meatless chicken, and I was not disappointed).

3. Buy more veggies/Eat more veggies

4. Find new recipes that abide by the new diet

5. Love myself even when I slip up. (Because I will, indeed, slip up.)

6. Continue to document my trials and tribulations


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