In 2016

by Brandon Brown

In 2016,

,where must we go

to atone for the sins of

a country drenched in blood,

sweat, and tears

of the oppressor’s play things?

Closed mind stormed

through open doors

Shocking the masses; tragic how

the rainbow is still expected to

hover over the actions of America’s influence.

Trust me

When I tell you

50 pulses were taken

for each state I feel unsafe in,

it’s in the perspective of a citizen

poisoned by men, women, and children

of the same title

toasting under the heat

of gun smoke escaping

another dozen cavities above the waist

Waist deep in the need for the sweet life

Samuel promised with bold face

The devil is a liar.

Columbus his confidant.

The constitution his loop-holed contract

to keep my chains under conversation

of supply and demand

when all I demand is to breathe unapologetically.

Sometimes I feel like this

is the hell I died into after

I got too old for the toys

I hope my brothers don’t give up quite yet

Why get the bitter end of innocence

lost before you’re made to?





Do I pray to

thunder clap the hatred

away or zap

who holds it dear from existence?

I’m surprised 

if he listens

The devil has me muffled

attempting to bring change for my heart

when you said it can’t be bought

he made it look so easy.

What do you think of my country?

Tell me if I must leave.

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