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Nikki Giovanni Brings the Tea to UW

Twelve of the legendary poet’s memorable moments of the night that overwhelmed the room in laughter during her Black History Month keynote “Black Joy is Black Wealth” hosted by Pathways’ Black History Month Student Committee in relation to this year’s theme “Black Joy: Getting Black to Happiness.”

When she came out swinging for Trump with the power of biblical references.

According to Giovanni, in addition to being a fool, Trump can’t read, can’t hear, and is overall stupid.

When she compared Black music to the hum of Jesus.

“We took a history of  oppression in America and created gospel, then blues, then hip-hop. “

Even though she went on to say Kanye West’s meeting with Trump signified the death of hip-hop.

Giovanni has seriously contemplated going to Mars.

“I got a lung removed because of cancer so I can’t go because I have this extra space. Well, I could go, but I couldn’t come back. “

When she paid homage to Black women and soul food.

“I’d starve to death before I eat KFC. What white man you know can fry chicken better than a Black woman? Black women came to the states and created a culinary situation.”

When she celebrated sex-positivity. Well, of her generation at least. 

“I come from a generation where we liked sex. I feel sorry for ya’ll. People always tryna make ya’ feel bad about it.”

Then went on to say the penis is on its way towards extinction.

“We can’t let the people misusing themselves determine manhood.”

When she was bewildered by white men like Trump claiming fear. 

“I don’t know how you can be a white man and be afraid; you run the world. Get a t-shirt made ‘I am a white man. I am not afraid.'”

When she joked about her Divine 9 rivalry as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. 

“I told Rosa Parks she only made one mistake her whole life. She went AKA.”

Giovanni takes a photo members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. after the keynote.

When she became a career advisor for English majors.

“Game show networks need you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have a future.”

When she spoke a life goal into existence.

“I’m the only person with seven NAACP Image Awards. I deserve a Jeopardy question. Toni Morrison got a question! I’m not even a wrong answer.”

When she encouraged unity between Black and white, weeding out the ignorance of white racism. 

“Don’t let fools determine how talk to the rest of ’em.”

And lastly, when she gave us some quality advice for life.

“Dont eat KFC. Don’t smoke…You deserve love and happiness.”

Black love is Black wealth. Choose joy.

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