Product Review: Self-Care with Glossier

by Kiara Childs

If you’ve been wondering about  Glossier, I fell victim to their easy skin care marketing strategy and purchased the Mask Duo (The Mega Green Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask), Super Bounce and their Priming Moisturizer. But does it work for brown girls with dry skin? The answer is yes! Wisconsin winters are no friend to my skin, especially my face. For reference, my skin type is very dry in colder seasons and dry/normal in warmer seasons.

First up, I apply the Mega Green Galaxy Pack for 20 minutes. Marketed as a “juice cleanse for your face”, it’s a white kaolin clay based mask to detoxify skin. It includes leafy greens and superfruit antioxidants to protect against harmful natural elements and provide a nice cleanse. When it’s time for this mask to come off, the mask will get a little tight and you can remove it with a warm cloth towel. It leaves your face feeling clean and not too dry.

After rinsing this off, I slather on the Moisturizing Moon Mask for 20 minutes. The consistency is more like a lotion and you can be a more heavy handed because it’s a bit thinner. This mask is very comfortable to the point where you forget you have it on while indulging in your favorite Netflix series (Shameless if you need something to new to watch). After removing this mask I felt like the goddess the Wisconsin air sucked out of me. My face felt very supple and soft.

To seal the deal, I apply the Super Bounce serum to add an extra dose of moisture, followed by the Priming Moisturizer. These two products added the final touch to a super moisturized, dewy and supple face that can bear the cold. I’m still developing my thoughts on the serum, however the priming moisturizer definitely helps give a dewy glow and it’s great for priming before you apply makeup.

Out of all the products, I recommend the mask duo the most! Separately the masks run for $22 separately, but you can get both for $40. The Super Bounce serum is $28 and the Priming Moisturizer is $25 (pro-tip: this is usually a sample when you purchase from their site). Now, I too am a broke college student and I didn’t buy these products at the same time, but when I felt I deserved a new skin product. However, if you’re looking for a low maintenance skin regime, go to and give them a try. (They give free stickers and posters too!)

Happy Masking


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