Sis, am I ugly?


I’m fine as hell

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I find it a bit disrespectful, as fine as I am and other black women on this campus that these black men at UW-Madison have the nerve to excuse or totally ignore my presence while walking down the street.

About a week ago, I woke up, beat my face to Beyoncé’s “Count Down” and Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”, walked out the door with my knock off five dollar Fentys, my black fitting leggings, and of course, a crop top showing my new dangling diamond belly ring. One of my home girls had just done my shoulder length box braids, let’s just say ya girl was looking good. As I’m walking down the street, I spot a rare sitting of a black man. For some reason, I hyped myself up to believe that this fine black man would stop to recognize how good I looked, booty poking and all. But of course, he walked right passed me like I’m ugly or something.

In Madison, these black men won’t even beep their horn at you. I don’t know if my saltiness is rooted in the 19 years of street harassment that traumatized me while also building my self-esteem, or if it’s because the black men at UW-Madison and in Madison are so fascinated with white women.

Now who
would I be without a little cat calling? You know the kind I’m talking about

“Damn girl, you fine” or even a little hotep “Oh my beautiful African Queen”

Now in no way am I saying that cat calling a woman on the streets and demanding her to respond isn’t life threatening or an act of violence, but in some ways give a girl the confidence and power to walk past a group of men and deny them with a neck roll, eye roll, and a “Boy what do you want?”

I am not questioning the absence of cat-calling based on self-esteem issues, but addressing a greater problem. The black men here simply prefer white women, and the question is why? What is that preference rooted in? Does this preference deem me as unimportant and invisible?

Hell, I don’t need a compliment, but at least recognize me, as a black woman, you as a black man, on this campus in which we are hyper visible, shouldn’t have to make me invisible to help you forget the fact that you are black too. Simply walking past me or any black person for that matter without recognizing with a head nod or smile is disrespectful and quite disheartening after scrolling through social media and making your white girlfriend as visible as possible.

I know some of y’all want to be in the sunken place and reap whatever benefits you made up in your head that you could get from white supremacy or ignoring the fact that you’re black, but at least say hey.

I love exploring woman hood, sharing experiences, and snatching a good wig!

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