BKCHAT: UW-Madison; a new video project coming to campus

To be honest, being a minority at a predominately white institution can be extremely exhausting. In addition to having to deal with the overbearing amount of homework and pressure of being in college, you have to deal with micro-aggressions from people who don’t look like you, and even worse, sometimes the drama comes from people who look like you.

There are different centers around campus that are safe spaces for students going through different things, but sometimes it isn’t good enough. Sometimes you want time and a place to complain and be angry about the things that are going on in life and on campus without being judged by other people. Going to a university can be hard as hell, and you can’t always bitch and complain and be angry in public places without people looking at you like you’re crazy. I know I’m sick of it. I know there are others out there who are sick of it, too.

But you know what? Damitu and I decided it was time to give the students a chance to talk about the stuff that’s bothering them on campus, while also being comical and raising awareness. Based off of the YouTube show, BKCHAT: LDN, we are proud to announce we will be releasing a BKCHAT: UW-Madison each month with a new topic.

Topics range from dating, to education, to social issues and anything else you can think of. This project allows students to have a healthy debate about these issues and come to new conclusions and understandings, instead of being close-minded. It is a way for students to learn about issues that affect other parts of student life on campus and be aware of the other injustices lying in our community.

Typically, there are eight to 10 students ranging in age, gender, and year. The topic is announced and clarifications about the topic are made. People begin with their “opening statements” and people bounce off of what other people have to say. The goal is to have people share their experiences and leave learning something new.

March’s topic is on black dating on campus, and the stereotypes surrounding black men dating only white women, the “ain’t shit-edness” of the Black men on campus, or if the Black women are just too crazy for the Black men to be with.

“I participated because I believe there should be a gay perspective on the topic. It’s important because we can give an outside look on the topic that maybe others can’t see,” said first-year student, Kendal Taffe.

This perspective is very much seen in the video. It’s a good chance for students to speak their mind and get their feelings off their chests. Watch the video on YouTube here at this link and stay tuned for the next one coming soon!

Enjoyiana, born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, currently is a junior at UW-Madison majoring in Journalism. Apart from being featured in The Wisconsin State Journal, Enjoyiana has been involved in journalism since she was 13 years old. She serves as the Student Representative for the National Association of Black Journalists and is an intern at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. She has done internships with NBC's The Weekend Today Show, The Capital Times Newspaper, WORT Radio, Global Girl Media, and Madison Magazine.

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