BKCHAT: UW Madison; Should You Hit Your Partner Back?


In another BKCHAT episode, students explored the double standard in regards to  whether it’s ok for a guy to hit his girl back after being hit. This controversial topic dives into other issues such as domestic abuse, sexism, male/female privilege, and equal pay in the work force.

Inspired by the YouTube series BKCHAT: LDN, BKCHAT: UW Madison is an opportunity for black students on campus to discuss issues pertaining to them, giving them the chance to have a healthy debate with other students. This project also serves as a way for students on campus to learn more about concepts they may not have heard much about and open up their minds and perspectives.

From “niggas ain’t shit” to other social issues, BKCHAT: UW Madison will be exploring many topics within the black community. With a new topic every month, the group begins with opening statements and introductions. Then we dive right in to the topic. Producers and creators, Enjoyiana and I, facilitate these debates to maintain cohesiveness and come to a conclusion where all perspectives are represented.

We hope you enjoy May’s episode and anticipate BKCHAT: UW Madion’s return in the Fall!

Damitu, born in Minneapolis and raised in Madison, is a current freshman double majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a certificate in African Studies. Her passions include social justice, the African diaspora, writing, and Beyoncé. Damitu believes that through unity, black students can overcome any barrier.

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