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“All About That Hair” Photo Series

As a Black girl growing up, I knew that everything about my hair was different from non-Black children. There were times where I would be so upset because I couldn’t easily comb through it or have it lay flat like some of the other kids in my class. I started to resent my hair for not being “easy” to handle. In middle school, I decided to chemically treat my hair to make it easier to manage and it did exactly that. Consequently, it made my hair very weak leading  to breakage. Sadly, this is the story for many Black girls. A love-hate relationship often forms, and many times the frustration and dissatisfaction with our hair and its texture can take over. What helped me with my hair journey was community, knowledge, and exposure.

I wanted my photos in this series to aid in exposure by showing different ways Black hair can be beautifully styled. The simple eyeshadow, and plain background are intentional to force the viewer to really see the subjects and their unreplicable beauty. My intention with the project is to push for more representation of Black women’s hair which is why I feel like capturing photos of Black women with different styles on their head could help other Black girls/women feel confident about the beauty of their hair.


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