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Sweatshirt Weather; Some Rap Songs by Earl Sweatshirt

When reading the title of the review, you must be thinking “I already listen to some rap songs.” (terrible attempt at a pun) However, Some Rap Songs is Earl Sweatshirt’s third full-length album and one of the best this year, considering the sharp lyricism and flow, impactful themes, and masterful sound production.

Earl Sweatshirt and Some Rap Songs are a dying breed in a time of lengthy bloated albums, mumble rappers, and over glorified conscious artists. Sweatshirt finds a way to stay true to himself, despite dealing with ongoing anxiety and depression, his father passing earlier this year, and fans craving new music from him.

In just under 25 minutes Sweatshirt, battles these topics, along with many others, with raw, emotional, and uncut bars. From song to song, you get an understanding of what it means to be hopeless, lost, isolated, and coping with tragedy. A standout track on the album is “Peanut.” At first, listen it may be off-putting, but after a few listens to the warped, trippy looped samples and Sweatshirt’s compressed voice, the track almost drowns you in the emotions and mindset of a man that has lost a loved one. Another notable track, “Riot” is almost the perfect way to end off this album, being completely instrumental and using a sample off of his late uncle Hugh Masekela’s song title “Riot” too, it not only pays homage but ends the emotional journey of this album with a triumphed and hopefull feel.

However, what makes this album a true masterpiece is the way Sweatshirt addresses these problems that we all deal with throughout our lives, be it anxiety, depression, the death of a family member, to even just feeling lost and out of place. He reflects, finds an outlet for his emotions, and uplifts all at the same time. Listeners could truly take something away if they are dealing with any of the emotions Earl Sweatshirt is rapping about. So grab a Sweatshirt and some headphones turn on the emotional rollercoaster that is Some Rap Songs.

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