TBV Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare” – Audre Lorde

This is a very difficult moment we are in right now. The Black Voice empathizes with the experiences of people around the world. Some of us have been fortunate enough to return home and be with our families while others remain in their homes in Madison. 

The 2019 novel coronavirus has raged through many of our communities in unexpected ways. Despite many of our best efforts, in some cases, this virus has targeted Black and brown communities, already vulnerable to flawed health care systems.

So, if you are physically and financially able, The Black Voice charges you to follow guidelines for social distancing and hygiene. This fight will require each of us to do our part. As former, TBV Editor-in-Chief, Marquise Mays put it, “if not for you, #DoItForTheGrands.”

However, we understand that these are unprecedented times that will have a lasting impact on all of us. If you personally find yourself in need of assistance, please follow these links for help with food, health care, funds, internet or mental health resources.  

We want to specifically acknowledge the graduating students who will no longer be on campus next semester. This is an unfortunate ending to your tenure here at UW-Madison but it does not diminish the work you have put in and the perseverance you have displayed throughout your time here. Your legacy lives on. 

Although all of our futures seem to hang in the balance, we must continue to celebrate the mundane, find purpose in the little things and most importantly be still. 

We will be releasing new content from our contributors throughout the rest of the semester, and continue to accept new submissions from folks interested in sharing their written and creative work.

We hope that y’all stay safe and in good spirits.


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