Creating the Student Inclusion Coalition

Calling the university out on Twitter is what started this movement, but I would never be able to create real change on this campus alone. All of the great movements regarding race, inclusion and equality throughout history have all needed a core group of people taking initiative to help lead everyone in support of the movement. The Student Inclusion Coalition (SIC) was created after many people began to ask what was next and what would be done after the Alumni Association released the Homecoming video, which included no students of color. Myself and 7 other juniors and seniors stepped up and took the lead on working with administration to create the change this university needs. 

Initially, SIC was just us working with administration, the media and students, but we are now also working to make SIC a permanent organization on this campus now that some of the work regarding the homecoming video has slowed down. SIC released a statement stating that, “The Student Inclusion Coalition advocates for the social, academic, and emotional wellness of all marginalized students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our goal is to be a catalyst for change by ensuring proper representation, opportunities, and resources are afforded to each student.”

SIC has three different committees to accomplish our goals: accountability, mobilization and communication. Accountability leads conversations with administration in order to hold them accountable for anything they say and agree to. Mobilization is in charge of gathering people and they were also over the extremely successful protest that took place in October 2019. As a Journalism major, communication is my department. We work on the public relations and how the organization is seen in the public eye. 

SIC has been a catalyst for this movement that demands the inclusion of all marginalized students and will continue to act as such until all of the demands students recently came up with are met and for years to come after as well. SIC is a legacy I will leave behind once I graduate and is why I know everything I’ve done to start this movement will be worth it and create real change. 

Photo credit: Payton Wade

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