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SIC… Where Are They Now?

It has been almost seven months since the University of Wisconsin Madison’s 2019 Homecoming video was released. Although things may seem quiet on campus now, the Student Inclusion Coalition (SIC) is still hard at work as a voice for all marginalized students on campus. Each demand “SIC Demands” released by SIC is now being addressed by individuals within the organization and members of UW-Madison’s administration. I personally am working on the demand to restructure the UW Homecoming Committee in order to change what homecoming looks like in the future. Here are a few of the changes made:

  1. All homecoming committee marketing and communications pieces flow into the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association’s (WFAA) standard marketing review process before getting approved for release.
  2. The recruiting for next year’s homecoming committee will not begin until a delegation of various student leaders come together to discuss improvements for student homecoming experience. 
  3. Staff from Equity and Inclusion in Student Affairs will provide training during the spring semester for student leaders on the Homecoming Committee.
  4. WFAA is working with a consultant to help develop a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy for the organization. Meanwhile, staff from WFAA Alumni Relations and Engagement and Marketing and Communications divisions participated with colleagues from University Communications in a workshop led by Madison 365 on communicating with diverse audiences. 

These are updates from just one demand, but similar steps have been taken with the other demands as well. SIC continues to meet with students, administration and other organizations to ensure that all students feel more welcome and wanted on this campus. 

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