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What we are living through is not ‘fake news.’ We can’t make this up.

As I scroll through social media and flip between news stations on my television, I am completely brought to tears and filled with rage that the value placed on Black lives in America is not a heavy one. 

As a current college student and journalism major, I have been taught to always remain neutral when reporting news and that having a bias can completely shatter objectivity. 

Our current president is one who quickly shuts down the media and has given fame to the term ‘fake news.’ 

Well, Mr. President of Law & Order… the killings, the attacks, and the slaughter we are seeing on the news and in the media IS NOT FAKE. There is nothing fake about a Black life being taken. 

This is being reported live. We literally can’t make this up. Own up to it. America was built on racism and that same racism is still prevalent in our daily society. Racism not only lies within insensitive remarks. It starts from the systematic oppression in all of our institutions.

As I read people’s posts on Twitter, there are still so many people who think that these protests are only caused because of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. If you think this, I hate to inform you that you are wrong. 

They just happen to be the current names that are circling the national media. But there is a long list of names that are not getting attention and that have been taken in the past. 

This moment has been boiling up for centuries. Now that it is being taken to the streets, some people wonder why we are angry. If you think this, you are clearly apart of the problem because you have been ignorant to the racism and the injustice for a long time. 

These protests are saying enough is enough. We are tired of Black lives being brutally taken with unnecessary violence and no sort of justice. 

How many more Black lives? When will people consistently be held accountable for their actions? When will America care about Black lives? When will it not be a crime to be a Black person in America?


I fear for my Black father’s life every day. People will not take the time to learn that my father immigrated to the United States from Jamaica by himself at 16 years old and was the first person in his family to go to college. They will not take the time to learn that he is a cancer survivor. They will only see a large Black man and be filled with fear. 

As a journalist, I know neutrality is important but I can no longer be neutral about this. My emotions and anger will not be silenced. I will be loud.

We must be loud for all Black lives. 

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