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Drake-inspired self-care advice I always have to remind myself 

The rapper Drake wearing a burgundy blazer.

I am one of the most stubborn people I know, so it takes a really long time for me to actually incorporate advice from other people into my life. However, Drake songs are super easy to incorporate into my life, so I figure that putting them together will make things a little easier for me, and hopefully it will for you too!

1. “Nice for What” 

Stay true to yourself. It’s not fair to yourself or to others if you sugarcoat yourself or your words. Speak your truth and let it be known. Do or say the first thing that comes to mind, and then worry about the consequences later. In other words, closed mouths don’t get fed, take care of yourself first.

2. “Yebba’s Heartbreak

Be vulnerable. Sometimes I have trouble showing or accepting emotions, but emotion is a big part of our human experience. It’s okay to feel the full range of emotions with other people, it makes your connections stronger and it makes life worth living. “Yebba’s Heartbreak” sounds like she’s singing directly to us and letting us know that it’s okay not to feel your best, but that there are still people who will support you. And when the tables are turned you can show them how much you care also.

3. “Is There More

Free will is an illusion, so do what you want. You don’t have control over everything in your life, so you’ll always have to look for what you can control. Take the time to find the things in life that will keep you motivated to get more out of life. It takes time to find these things, but don’t get too comfortable when you. In “Is There More” Drake questions his life and wonders if there’s something he’s missing. It reminds us to step back and think about where we’re at and if we want more.

4. Take Care” 

It’s okay to ask for help. People want to help, let them. Even though Drake is a little condescending as he sings about wanting to help a girl out, he made some points. There’s no sense in doing everything by ourselves when there are people in our life willing to help us through. It might be hard to admit we need help, but it makes us stronger to ask, than to suffer needlessly. 

5. “Started From The Bottom

Give yourself credit. Think about how far you’ve come, all the uncomfortable things you had to go through, and how you’re still here today. It’s hard at the moment to see the end of difficult times, so don’t forget to congratulate yourself for making it this far. Like, we made it all the way to college, that’s something, celebrate it!

6. “IMY2

Forgive yourself, and move on. There are always things to regret in life, most things only make sense in retrospect, but we can’t let the past get in the way of our future. If Drake and Kid Cudi never forgave each other, they would have never created this bop. Imagine all the opportunities we might be holding ourselves back from. “IMY2” is all about moving forward and to do that you have to let go of what’s holding you back, be it regret, guilt, or pride, we have to let it go and move on.

7. “One Dance

Go with the flow. Sometimes we need a moment to just be, after a stressful week, a hard conversation, or whatever it may be, but we just need to do what makes us relaxed and happy. One Dance has such an easy, summer vibe that it’s the perfect song to put us in a good mood. While listening to whatever Drake’s singing about, do what resets everything back to zero.

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