I’ll take it Black

There’s enough cream in my coffee,
Most often, they don’t really trip when they see me
But let me put on some lashes, when they see me
They eyes stuck on my body, call it got2b
They break they neck, craning. It’s got2b
My hair takin’ up their space, I breathe their air without apology
I stare back, bat them lashes and take deep breaths. no apology.
I make em sweat like it’s my job, got my master’s in Blackology
I make em sweat, it’s my job — I got my master’s in Blackology
Until they sip me like a latte, once again, when my hair is straight
The silk press is to respect from them as ten shots is to walking straight
Hot comb won’t ever touch my head again, hear it from me
Bring in the coils and kinks and hair grease and minks for me
‘Cause  there’s enough cream in my coffee
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