Beauty Culture

Black Girl Magic

Puffs like potions 

Laughs like cries

Pains like chains

And Drugs like lies 

Minds like prisons

Smiles like ties

Promises like coffins 

And thoughts like mine

Can anything grow from the dirt?

I’m trying to master the Bblackest of magic

I want that twinkle in my eye

That supernatural glow 

Nights without tear flow 

I don’t want a care in the world 

Or a fuck to give 

I just want a life to live

I wanna prance without persecution 

And dance to my restitution 

This is my emancipation proclamation 

I don’t give a damn about you

Or you mama 

Or ya daddy

And what y’all got to say

I will have my day

My skin will glow

Glitter will spill from my fro

I know, because

I’m trying to figure out the Bblackest of magic

The realest of real

Looks that kill

Words that steal

Your train of thought

Unteach what you were taught

And make you think

Why do you hate me?

Cuz you ain’t me?

You see,

I’m tryna perfect the Bblackest of magic

I wanna move like the ghetto girls do

Make the concrete flowers bloom

Hold the world’s culture in my womb

Switch my hips and make you swoon

Pucker my lips and kiss the moon

When I return to space 

Cuz I don’t come from this place

I need to remember the Bblackest of magic

I don’t wanna bare your sins 

Or pretend I don’t win

Just to hide your losses

To be a smart woman 

I didn’t know it would cost this

I don’t know when I lost it 

See I just have one wish

I want my eyes to sparkle with joy

Not tragic

Could you help me find my Black girl magic.

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