College Daze Podcasts

College Daze is a podcast that showcases true college experiences from the perspectives of Black students from all over especially those that attend PWIs (Predominantly white institutions). Topics discussed on the podcast range from dating, to parties, to cram sessions, and anything that happens on campus.

Who can and can not say the N-word? There are some people in different communities who feel like that word belongs to them just as much as it belongs to the African American community. Listen along as two African American women discuss what they think about the N-word and who they feel can or can not say it.

Do you have time for a relationship right now? Do black men on campus even like black women? Are there any pros to an on-campus relationship?  All of these questions and more will be talked about during this episode of College Daze. After listening, think about if you would want to be in an on-campus relationship yourself. ENJOY!
Black parties, white parties, frat parties, wack parties. During this episode, we talk about them all.
Being Light skinned VS being dark-skinned is a podcast where we talk about colorism within the black community. Two friends and I discuss what we think caused this battle within our community, how the media plays a role in this “battle” and our personal views about this problem within the black community. While listening to this episode, I encourage you to think of ways that we can end this light-skinned VS dark-skinned battle once and for all. —Tierra Higgins