SIC… Where Are They Now?

It has been almost seven months since the University of Wisconsin Madison’s 2019 Homecoming video was released. Although things may seem quiet on campus now, the Student Inclusion Coalition (SIC) is still hard at work as a voice for all marginalized students on campus. Each demand “SIC Demands” released by SIC is now being addressedContinue Reading

Creating the Student Inclusion Coalition

Calling the university out on Twitter is what started this movement, but I would never be able to create real change on this campus alone. All of the great movements regarding race, inclusion and equality throughout history have all needed a core group of people taking initiative to help lead everyone in support of theContinue Reading

Erased but Never Silenced

On September 30th, 2019, the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed the world once again that they do not value their students of color or students from other marginalized identities. In a video entitled “#HomeIsWhereWIare”, the UW-Madison Homecoming committee showed various activities they believe represent home on this campus, but failed to use people from various identities.Continue Reading

Why My PWI Does Not Need to be an HBCU

As a Black student, I often hear the Historically Black College/ Universities (HBCU) vs Predominantly White Institution (PWI) argument. Students from HBCUs claim their school is better because Black students who attend PWIs are not getting the “Black Experience”. I believe  one does not need to attend a HBCU to have the Black Experience. IContinue Reading

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